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Personal. Time-based. Phone-Assistant.

What is it?

Your personal assistant on your beloved android phone.


Make your individual settings, let other people know about your status - right as you like it - and see what your smartphone can do for you during your busy day.


You do not have to think about your smartphone again to set it to silent during a meeting.

Phone Assistant

Set automatic replies during meetings, while on holiday or being totally private. Let MyPassi answer your incoming calls.



A simple and clear overview of all settings which makes adjusting MyPassi for your personal needs with just a few clicks possible.

Contacts & Groups

After you have set your contacts to the right groups, MyPassi can handle them in the right way. The availability status of your contacts is shown on the right side marked in green (available), orange (busy) and red (not available).

Call Waiting

The call is stopped for maximal 9 seconds when making a call to a contact, who is currently in a meeting. This function is only possible when both call participants have MyPassi installed.

Who can contact me?

Default Business VIP Other
Business Hours
Non Business Hours

What is my status?

Default Business VIP Other
Business Hours
Non Business Hours

Contact Details

Shows you the group membership, the last known location where you have the possibility to request the current location, the registered phone, the availability status and the free/premium status.

Location Requests

Send or receive location requests of your contacts to get the current position of your friends and family. VIPS are always authorized, if you allowed them, to request your location. MyPassi automatically answers them.

At Work

MyPassi takes care of annoying calls during your working hours. Enable silent mode while having a meeting, automatically reply to calls per sms or reject incoming calls is easy possible with MyPassi. Thus, you can concentrate completely on your meeting or work.


Don't be rudely awakened by your phone at night and have a good sleep.


Shows you how and what MyPassi performed for you and handled incoming requests, phone calls and sms.


Avoid interruptions while on holiday. MyPassi takes care of your absence replys by automatically sending your predefined SMS text.


Those features are only available in the premium version.

  • Multiple business hours
  • Display location requests on homescreen
  • No limit on location requests
  • Enable 'Other' group
  • Blacklist
  • Unlimited people per group
  • All settings are backed up and can be restored
  • Contact screen shows other people that I am using the premium version

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For Android Smartphones only.

> Why not on iPhone? <

We believe in a free and open operating system


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